Welcome to Rhea Lana's of Southeast Denver!


We are excited to announce that your local franchise is currently for sale and we are actively seeking applicants to become franchise owners! 

Rhea Lana's is an alternative career that is providing income for franchise owners (mostly moms) across the country. RL Franchisees are truly a family and part of a very special network and support system. Rhea Lana's is owned by Rhea Lana Riner, who is a hard-working and successful leader in this industry, and her team provides wonderful support and training to franchisees. This is the perfect franchise opportunity for individuals and partners alike. In fact, we have many franchises owned by mother/daughter, sister or best friend teams.

If you’re interested, please visit our website for additional information about owning a franchise and watch the video to hear from other franchise owners. http://www.rhealana.com/franchise-opportunities In addition, check out our company’s endearing and motivating past, present and future http://www.rhealana.com/company-history

If you or anyone you know is perhaps interested in this business opportunity, please reach out and we’ll be glad to help. You can email erin@rhealana.com for information on the application process. 

Again, thank you for your support of Rhea Lana's. Warmest blessings to you in this season!

Kindly, Erin Franklin

Director of Franchise Development


What is Rhea Lana's?

Rhea Lana's is a semi-annual consignment sale event (one held in the spring and one in the fall) of HIGH-QUALITY children's clothes, shoes, toys, books, DVDs, baby items, gently used maternity clothes and much much more. Consignors make 65% of their sold items and Rhea Lana's GUARANTEE'S items if they are lost or stolen. Our consignors can pick up their check for sold items on the final day, along with the unsold items they don't wish to donate. NO WAITING WEEKS! Check out this Video to see what Rhea Lana's is all about


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